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 Bricopack Leopard Xp

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PostSubject: Bricopack Leopard Xp   Sat Aug 21, 2010 11:24 pm

LeopardXP is a universal BricoPack made with the “BricoPack System” from Bricomix. The BricoPacks allow the installation of a pack on every version of Windows XP (32 bits),

Why will you love Leopard XP?

LeopardXP is based on the Leopard icons from Apple©, this pack has been made only for bring you the Leopard aspect for your Windows XP.
Apple Addicts will appreciate and so will the other.


This LeopardXP BricoPack is a all-in-one setup file, you have anything else to do.
It includes a few additional softwares to make your PC more practice and nicer with a more and more Leopard-like looking.


LeopardXP is fully made by our team and guaranteed without known virus !
Like other BricoPacks, you will be able to update the pack after a Windows Update through the pack’s Update function.


Making of the pack : NobodyUse
Leopard icons by Apple© extracted by Kampongboy92
Visual Style LeopardXP by NobodyUse, Mod with Lucida Grande font by jesuspiece Thanks to you
Wallpaper Leopard Aurora : Apple©
Logonui LeopardXP by NobodyUse
Panther Cursor theme For CursorXP by Homergitude


- IColor Folder by our Friend Kemenaran, a small application which allow to change a folder color !
- TClock2 by Kazuto Sato and Two_toNe. A clock replacing of the original from your taskbar with a Mac-like one.
- RKlauncher Ivista Leopard Dock original made by Raduking and improved by Yoni to have a full Leopard look.
- Move Taskbar to The top de Flyakite, a small software made for FlyakiteOSX allowing to move the taskbar to the top.
- ÜberIcon from the Punk! Software team : Small software offering visual effects to your icons during the double click (very nice effect)
- TrueTransparency by Lefreut.
- Glass2k by Chime Softwares.
- Yz’Shadow par M.Yamaguchi
- CursorXP Free: by Stardock allowing to remplace the original cursors by themes.

Explore Bricopack Leopard Xp with Images:

Download Link:


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Bricopack Leopard Xp
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